Artist's Statement


      My multimedia installations address and raise questions about the implications of the notion of identity in the context of the complex reality of exile, immigration, political boundaries and conflicting cultural worlds.

      In  the information age, technological advances in the fields of computer, telecommunications and image and video processing enable us to access large amounts of visual data (in the form of news, film and pictures) instantaneously. The abundance of virtual visual data has caused a shift of focus from the stable physical reality of the body to the fluid movement of the images in cyberspace.

    Technology has enabled us to communicate with and pass information to anyone at any time. However, instead of bringing people together, it has created alienation in the physical world.

    I am interested in crossing the boundaries of the physical individuality and the virtual world of visual imagery. My objective is to examine the complexity of human reaction when interacting with others at the physical, emotional and psychological levels by posing subtle questions about reality and virtuality.