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About the installation

The installation "Reframing" includes a photo booth similar to the ones where people take a picture for identity cards and passports. A video projector shows a demonstration of veiled women in Iran and a sign invites the viewer to sit on the chair while watching the video clip. A camera takes a picture of the viewer and, which is processed through a computer program, adding a veil to cover the hair in the portrait. A printer next to the chair prints out the altered image for the visitor to take home.

The installation "Reframing" raises a variety of questions about women's issues, responding to the political events and social realities in Iran. It raises questions about the implication of notion of identity within the complex reality of exile, immigration, political boundaries and conflicting cultural worlds. It opens a debate about issues of control and power exerted upon female sexuality. It raises questions about the constraining force of taboo that results from convention or tradition. The installation makes the visitor experience the shock of their new constructed identity that is trapped and reframed in the picture.